an ancient patch to caff

When I started using caff, it was only ably to interact with a local smtp server. At that time, with no real mailservers under my control, this was not really an option for me.

Today caff has a lot more features, so this page is more a documentation what I did – please consider the caff release shipped today with distributions like Debian, etc.

So I am still using my modified version of caff (which was originally written by Peter Palfrader) that is able to do direct smtp-transactions with remote mailservers.

It also sets some headers to receive mailer errors and provides a configurable helo-line.

You can download it here:

A patch with my modifications can be found here: mycaff.patch

The Version I modified is available here:

There are three new configuration-directives:

smtphost: choose the smtp-server to connect to
smtphelo: choose what hostname should be send after HELO
smtpport: choose the port to connect to (interesting for testing)

A sample config is also available: caffrc