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GHOST patches for squeeze (Unofficial) – CVE-2015-0235

I did a best-effort backport of the wheezy patches against GHOST (CVE-2015-0235) for Debian GNU/Linux squeeze-lts, as is seems there are not official packages yet available. Use at your own risk! Ich habe einen ‚best effort‘ Backport der wheezy patches

Mapping CDNs for fun and profit using DNS

The following text is a blogpost explaining my Diploma Thesis and the paper Exploring EDNS-Client-Subnet Adopters in your Free Time published in 2013. The article was intended for publication in the corporate blog of one of the CDNs we studied, but after verizon bought the

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kernel patch for CX23103 Video Grabber Linux Support

I recently bought a „LogiLink USB2.0 Video Grabber with Snap Shot“ – Model VG0005B v.1.0 – (EAN 4052792002102) When I bought it I did not realize, that it is officially not supported in Linux (also see http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/SilverCrest_USB_2.0_Video_Grabber_SVG_2.0_A2) – because I

How to disable AAAA queries for IPv6 / configure your resolver

Today I stumbled upon a very nasty behaviour of glibc – again. On a host which has no access to IPv6 at all and no module-support in the kernel, it seems the connect() call fails when there is a AAAA

obfuscated bash contest…

Guess what this (bash) one-liner does: bc

The superfluous first post

Blog myblog = com.blogger.createBlog(„superfluousandsparse“); Post firstpost=new BlogPost(); firstpost.setTitle(„The superfluous first post“); //TODO: Fix the recursion…. firstblog.setContent(„Blog myblog = com.blogger.createBlog(\“superfluousand….“); myblog.publish(firstpost);